Marketing for Sanitary Fittings & Plumbing Co.

Marketing for Sanitary Fittings & Plumbing Co. is a member of IKK Group of Companies, with wide range of products and has expertise of many brands like NEPRO for PVC pipes & NAMAT for fittings. We can help our customers in solving any problem concerning sanitary & plumbing fields. Our staff is always ready to quote for any project and deliver material anywhere within Saudi Arabia. Our Branches are located in Jeddah:

Location Tel
Souk Ghorab 667-4356 667-2660
Baladeyah St. 668-0144 665-2343
Hera’a St. 655-0395 655-0325
Bani Malik 672-5719 673-6123
Al-Suhaili Center 661-1581 661-1817

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