Isam Kabbani for Insurance and Re-Insurance Brokerage Company is member of the IKK group. We are a dynamic team of experts providing complete insurance solutions for our customers through innovation, strategic partnerships, and friendly service. Throughout our long history, we’ve built a solid reputation for dedication to quality service and an ability to deliver superior products to our clients. Our expertise spans all aspects of insurance, risk management, claims management and risk control.

Our Customer Services Department specializes in the business exposures of our clients, providing access to domestic and international insurance markets, excellent client service and sophisticated risk management programs. We’ve long practiced a team approach to account management. As a client, you will be served by a dedicated team of specialists who understand your business and your industry. Your account manager serves as your primary contact while other team members are dedicated to specific support duties. Other account managers are prepared to provide back up at any time. All of our employees participate in continuing education to ensure that they are knowledgeable in the latest options and strategies available to our clients. As part of our commitment to provide you with the best service and the most appropriate coverage for your company, we conduct a thorough analysis of your operations and potential exposures. This process requires your involvement and a commitment of time to work with our staff. The resulting information enables us to present your company most advantageously in the insurance marketplace. We are also able to incorporate your company’s risk management philosophy into your customized program. In the past, many operational exposures were considered uninsurable. Today, the enterprise risk philosophy creates coverage for many nontraditional risks that your business enterprise faces. With access to these and other innovative insurance products, we can develop a program that best suits the needs of your business.

Our Risk Management and Claims Department provides superior services to our clients. We focus on working with our clients to create comprehensive safety programs to meet compliance guidelines and minimize claims activity. While our goal is to keep all claims from happening, we know some claims activity cannot be prevented. Once a claim takes place, our focus is to process and close the claim as quickly as possible. We look to minimize the time and effort spent by our clients in claim situations. Throughout the claims process, we serve as an advocate for our clients, facilitating and coordinating the efforts of all involved parties. We work with our clients on all property, general liability and auto claims following specific approaches for different types of claims. Our approach with our client’s claims involving insured equipment, property or auto, is to resolve the claim as quickly as possible in order to maximize cash flow. We do not sit back and wait for the insurance company to settle a claim. We present the insurance company with an analysis of coverage in order to create cash flow to the client as soon as possible. In the event of a major claim, we structure interim payments from the insurance company prior to the final settlement. Our goal is to help policyholders receive the maximum benefit from their policies. We take a different approach to third-party claims. When a third party makes a claim against one of our clients, we seek to minimize our client’s exposure whenever possible. If the claim is well-defined and our client is clearly liable, we seek a quick and fair settlement. However, when the third-party claim is questionable and/or the claim amount is unreasonable, we take every action possible to help the insurer minimize the cost to our client and to have the policy pay only what is reasonable.

Our risk control functions are designed to meet several goals. We help our clients stay in compliance with all safety requirements. We also want to make our clients as attractive as possible to prospective insurance carriers. By demonstrating that a client employs a comprehensive and effective risk control program, we can do a better job of minimizing insurance costs and broadening insurance coverage. While we invest significant time and effort in managing claims on behalf of our clients, we invest even more time and energy in loss prevention. We actively participate in our clients’ safety committees and in the risk control activities of our clients and their insurance carriers. We also provide inspection and appraisal services to our clients. This includes plot plans, pictures and valuations of facilities. It also features operational reviews and recommendations. These services are designed to help our clients stay current on regulatory guidelines and identify problem areas. All of these activities support our overall goal of providing a safe working environment for our clients and their employees. While compliance issues and cost reduction are important, our primary focus is to help our clients create facilities that are free of serious injuries. We survey facility locations for safety, make recommendations for claims prevention and assist management in bringing safety to the attention of employees through safety recognition programs. This can not only save jobs, but it can also help improve the quality of work life. We provide an overall plan that, when implemented by the client, can dramatically lower insurance costs.

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