About IKK Group

The IKK Group is a diversified group in terms of products, services and geography operating in the field of trading, manufacturing and contracting. It is composed of 60 independent companies. These companies operate through 200 divisions, branches and outlets that are spread over 13 countries covering all major cities in the region. The number of employees reaches about 14,000 men and women working in all positions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain and improve our leading position as a contractor whose reputation is built on the ability to completely satisfy customers by providing high quality services. As specialists in their respective fields, our teams of professionals are dedicated to a standard of excellence for quality and performance, through continuous development, which will set standards in our industry.

We are simply providing solutions for a future of success.

Our Mission

To provide our part of the Arab World with local and reliable services in a variety of sectors and products.

To create employment to thousands of personnel and in-house training for hundreds of young Arab graduates in crucial sectors to the benefit of the IKK Group, the graduates themselves and their own communities.

To set a good example of our basic business philosophy: “Hire well, train well, pay well and treat well.”