KCG a Professional Contractor

municipalityKCG is pleased to announce that it has upgraded its classification category as a professional contractor in the field of Building Construction and qualified in category 1 by the Contractors Classification Authority of the Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs.

In line with KCG’s business goals, this is an important milestone as it qualifies the company to participate in mega public projects.The Contractors Classification Authority at the Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs has upgraded KCG as a category 1 contractor under one of the major groups of the registration fields – Building Construction.

This contractor’s qualification is accorded only to companies that have sufficient resources, experience, technical expertise and good track record to undertake contracts as defined by the Registration Authorities and the allocated category.

To qualify for category 1, KCG has satisfied the financial, legal, and technical requirements as a professional company having all the required resources and relevant experience. KCG is also qualified under category 3 for Water works (sewage system, networks and tanks), and under Category 4 for Roads, Electrical and Electronic works.