Quality begins with your choice of a waterproofing contractor!

After The last heavy storms on Jeddah and Riyadh, BMC which offers a comprehensive package of waterproofing and thermal insulation services, shows how much it is committed to its customer’s total satisfaction and solving their water intrusion issues. The company decided to print and distribute to its customers a handbook about roof care and maintenance including important tips and recommendations on how to properly care for their roofs to ensure long-term performance. The BMC legacy is evident in its scope of commercial, industrial, public, and private projects. BMC waterproofing projects reflect not only its scope of experience; they also exhibit its commitment to best professional practices. One more time, the company proves that ‘Waterproofing’ is the art of understanding water intrusion and how to prevent it. BMC assigns a talented execution team for each of its projects; professionalism and respect permeate its interaction with its customers. BMC succeeded to build strategic partnerships with the architects, designers, engineers, and subcontractors who share its high standards and values.