NEPROPLAST First in the region to produce UPVC (PVC) Pipes

New Products Industries Co. Ltd. (NEPROPLAST) is the first ever and currently the only Factory in the Middle East to have successfully produced UPVC (PVC) Pipes that are made from Organic Raw Material that is totally free from Heavy Metals such as Lead. It’s completely 100% safe for Potable Water application and it is Environment friendly while still maintaining the same desirable physical properties that UPVC Pipes are known for.

For the same reason, NEPROPLAST UPVC (PVC) Pipes are the First and currently the only UPVC Pipes producers in the Middle East to have been Certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International of USA as compliant with NSF-61 Standard for Drinking Water System Component Health Effects.

NEPROPLAST is very shortly starting production of HDPE Pipes ranging from 20mm – 400mm with an expected capacity of 15,000 tons / year.