IKK Supply & Trade Co. Ltd.

IKK Supply  Trade Co. Ltd. was founded in 1980 as a small family business in serving thefood sector in the Western area of Saudi Arabia.

After merging in 1992 with the IKK group of companies, we started to expand our operations into the whole Saudi market with main office in Jeddah and branches in Riyadh (Central area) and Khamis Mushait (South).

Also the company represents first class world suppliers in the Saudi market.

Our products distribution covers the following markets:

1. Wholesalers (dry or cold stores).

2. Supermarkets Class A, B & C.

3. Bakeries and pastry shops.

4. Industrial food manufacturers.

5. Catering and institutional (Restaurants, Hotels) . Contact Information:

  • Head Office-Jeddah: Mina RoadP.O.Box 31567, Jeddah 21418Tel : (+966-2) 647-4649, 648-6486

    Fax: (+966-2) 647-1466

    E-mail: info@ikkfood.com

  • Riyadh Branch:Al Senaaya  Al Amer Salman Str.P.O. Box: 325057 Riyadh 11371Tel : (+966-1) 270-0857, 243-5377

    Fax: (+966-1) 241-0410

  • Southern Province Branch:Khames Moshait ? Wadi Bin HashbalTel / Fax: (+966-7) 233-5701

For more info, please visit our web site www.ikkfood.com