Hassan I. Kabbani Co.

Hassan I. Kabbani Co. For

Electric Trading & Partners

Hassan I. Kabbani Co. For Electric Trading & Partners was established in 1976 as part of National Marketing Est. Later in 1981, it was separated as individual company under the umbrella of IKK Group of Companies. Its main business deals with most of electric items for both Industrial & Construction such as:

  • Telephone cables for indoor & outdoor
  • PVC flexible cable ingle & multi cores up to 5×25 sqmm
  • PVC control cable up to 30 cores
  • Rubber Flexible cables multi cores up to 4×25 sqrnm
  • Welding cables
  • Screened & shield cables & computer cables
  • 3M tapes
  • Cast -Resin Joint cables
  • Fuses UL, VDE, BS
  • STAC Automatic Voltage Regulators up to 10 KVA
  • Do-Power 3PH A VR up to IOO KVA
  • Autotransformers I & 3Phases
  • Battery Chargers -UPS -DC Voltage regulator -Inverters -hand voltage regulators
  • Farfisa intercom for buildings
  • Bremas changeover witches
  • Time relay, meters, Kwhm , cable ties, trunking, tubing & its accessories, cable lugs & sleeves

E-mail: kabanelec@icc.net.sa